Dan Hussain is an inventor, entrepreneur and patent agent who comes from a diverse, multicultural background which has inspired his creativity to attack world-wide problems like climate change and global healthcare.

As a high school student at Richland Senior High School in Johnstown, Dan won the Siemens Westinghouse National Science Award, which was given to one team per year in the United States for engineering excellence achieved during high school. According to Science Magazine, this is “a junior Nobel Prize.” His entry focused on the application of biological evolutionary theories in order to find efficient hashing functions for unstructured data sets.

Dan’s educational background spans multiple institutions, including studies at MIT (electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science), Harvard (law and philosophy), and the University of Cambridge U.K. (theoretical geophysics). While at Cambridge University, he worked with Prof. Herbert Huppert on studies involving the solidification of dendrites and fractal growth of binary alloys at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, the same department where Stephen Hawking lectures. Dan received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from MIT in 2004. Later in 2009, he moved on to attain his M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, and has since continued towards his Ph.D. there. Dan is hoping o receive his doctorate in Civil & Environmental Engineering in the next few years. As part of his studies at Carnegie Mellon, he completed energy-related research that ties in with his work at Pioneer Energy and HydroConfidence.

Dan joined NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD to develop techniques for sending satellite image data to mobile devices. He also was a member of the technical staff of Siemens Corporation’s Corporate Research division, developing techniques for 3D image registration of 3D image data using Siemens’ latest 3D image sensor.

Mr. Hussain diversified his skill set in 2005 by joining Frommer, Lawrence, and Haug, LLP, a New York boutique patent firm, as a Scientific Advisor. After passing the Bar Exam for the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2006, he became a Registered Patent Agent.

With this experience in hand, he patented his own intellectual property related to Energy and the Industrial Internet. More recently, he’s been working on a book that explores energy independence, global climate change, and his Industrial Internet research. His involvement with the Industrial Internet increased upon becoming a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium in 2014.

Mr. Hussain previously served as Co-Founder and President for KD Secure, headquartered adjacent to MIT’s campus, developing intelligent safety, security, and business productivity solutions. KD Secure has developed an array of products and intellectual property which enhance an organization’s safety, security, productivity and profitability in a variety of different markets.

Mr. Hussain co-founded the company with MIT Professor John Donovan. Since inception, Dan has worked in all areas of the company, including leading its Intellectual Property strategy, and played a major role in business planning, budgeting, accounting, product development, product demonstrations, sales, and marketing.

Through the use of KD Secure’s patented core technology, data from a plethora of sources is collected and analyzed, and alerts sent to the appropriate people to warn of potentially dangerous or unwanted situations.As a result of work performed for KD Secure, Dan Hussain co-invented nearly 20 patentscritical to the industrial internet, most of which have now been issued and are available to read below.

Dan was born in Moscow, Russia to Svetlana Hussain, of native Russian decent, and Dr. Anwar Hussain, whose family originated in Bangladesh. Dan was educated in New York City’s public elementary schools, attending Public School 104 in Bay Ridge. He finished his first three years of high school in the suburbs of Chicago (Winnetka, IL), where his father completed his cardiology fellowship, and graduated from high school in Johnstown, PA, where his father started private practice.

Dan is Founder & President of both American Patent Agency, a patent firm, and American Pioneer Ventures, a consulting firm. Dan is also a consultant to Pioneer Energy, which he co-founded with Dr. Robert Zubrin, whose mission is to bring cheaper and cleaner gasoline- and diesel- substitute liquid fuels. Dan is also a General Partner at No Talking Capital, a start-up investment firm.

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